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Hospice Volunteer Opportunities 

Did you know that hospices originated as volunteer programs - neighbor helping neighbor? Today, we welcome community members to play a vital role in providing care and comfort to our patients by serving as an Advanced Hospice Volunteer.

Our Volunteers Help By:

​        Clerical Support in the Office

        Patient Visitation

        Bereavement Support 

        Fundraising Events

        Educational Fairs

The patients entrusted to our care, have been diagnosed with an illness that has not responded to treatment or cannot be cured.  But even with a life-limiting prognosis – typically six months or less, our patients have much life to live! We encourage quality of living and promote an active lifestyle that matches our patient’s abilities.

Volunteers will never be asked to administer medication, assist with changing incontinence items, or other hands-on care.  We work with your schedule and the area in which you are willing to drive for your volunteer tasks.

Volunteering with Advanced Hospice is sure to be a most rewarding experience!  But don't take our word for's what our volunteers have to say - 

Volunteering helps me to give back.  As a caregiver, I realized how priceless taking a hot shower could be.  Knowing someone was sitting with my  husband so I could have time to take care of myself was a “gift” and allowed me time to rejuvenate myself.  Now I can provide that same support to others. ~Sylvia

I’ve volunteered for years at various hospices.  I’ve experienced the pleasure of helping patients to write letters to leave for their loved ones, to reminisce with patients who couldn’t remember what they had for lunch but whose face lit up reliving their teenage years, to assist a patient in preparation of walking a family friend down the aisle, and to simply be a listening ear. ~ Mary Jo

It's difficult to explain how rewarding volunteering is for me.  I enjoy my time spent with patients – it’s a privilege to be able to share in their lives.  But I also value the opportunity to share with others the joy I receive through volunteering. ~ George

Why do I volunteer?  Why wouldn’t I share my time with those who welcome me into their world? ~ Jennifer

People ask me if being a hospice volunteer is sad.  Honestly, I’m they type of person who fully invests in my role so knowing people in my care will most likely pass on can have moments of sadness, but I imagine how sad they would be if they didn’t have someone like me come to visit them.  That’s where I feel my purpose. ~ Ken

I wasn’t quite sure that hospice volunteering was for me.  It’s scary not knowing what to say or wondering what if I were to say the wrong thing.  The volunteer training gave me confidence I needed to accept my first assignment.  I remember them saying “Be yourself and be a good listener.”  Those two simple tips calmed my initial nerves.  I was able to see the person beyond the disease and conversation flowed. ~ Pat

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Thank you for your interest in becoming an Advanced Hospice volunteer!

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