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Respect Life Month

Despite November being a designated month to promote good work of hospice teams, October is equally as relevant to hospice as it traditionally recognizes respect for life. When hospice is done right, respect for life is prominent.

As individuals, we approach the challenges of life in our own ways. For many, because they may lack the knowledge of what hospice truly is, they may think that the focus is on death and dying. However, the foundation of hospice is to reflect on the life that was and to enhance the life that remains.

Terminal illness affects people of all ages and origins. Our goal at Advanced Home Health & Hospice is to offer quality of life and to promote mobility so that patients can safely participate in daily activities. This may not always be fully attainable, but the effort is always there. Goals vary and they can be adjusted based on where the patient is in their disease process. Daily encouragement can fluctuate anywhere from getting into a hot shower, joining in facility activities, enjoying a car ride, or even taking a vacation. Hospice patients are not homebound; they are actually encouraged to remain active.

A terminal diagnosis does not define who the person is, but simply their current makeup. Who the person was prior to, is the same. They still have purpose, talents, knowledge, and the desire to interact and engage with others.

For that reason, the respect for life and the drive to offer dignified care is something that hospice teams should always place at the forefront of their mission.

Simply put - we matter every day of our lives.

Have questions on hospice? Call our education line at 412.710.7300.


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